Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what day is it?

it's day three!!! day three of no smoking and day three of antibiotics. i will be in good shape by the weekend. WOO HOO! i went to work today, but i did leave early. i didn't realize how exhausting it was to not lay around the house. after gloating over my not smoking success, i did ask the girls to please advise me to get help when i put on 20 pounds. as i told my husband this story, he told be to drop and give him 20. i couldn't believe he meant that i'd already gained 20 pounds. it's only been three days! he, laughing of course, wondered at what starting point was the 20 to be measured.... i reminded him with a punch in the gut that i, ahem, had a freakin baby! the measurement starts now, not pre baby. that bastard!
so the moral of the story is that i must now join a gym. i have found that what i do rather than smoke is lay on my fat ass typing and scrolling the internet. productive, i know.
i laugh when people worry so much about not giving out personal information to anyone. i do a google search and can find old classmates, where they work, email addresses. if we want to, we could find anyone, for free, from our own homes. quite scary, but it simply is what it is. i say, if you don't want to be found, don't put yourself out there, right? i guess i don't care if i'm found. until i'm found by someone i don't what to find me. then i'll delete everything and try to start over!

i had a dream last night that i drove to our local voting facility for the presidential election. i got there and went into the church to cast my votes. as i approached, i had a panic attack and couldn't vote. fortunately it was on my way to work, so i had time to go back later. but i panicked because i had no idea who to vote for and i couldn't just vote. i woke up. now i need to do research. it's clear that my conscious is telling me to get an education and make a decision based on fact. not opinions of others. particularly the media. unbiased material has to be available. i was told to check out washington post online. i will do just that. in the meantime, i will get some rest. hopefully i will dream of a more delightful topic.

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