Monday, September 15, 2008

monday monday

the weekend was a nice relaxing one without having gabby home. we started out friday night with drinks and appetizers and ended with a local watering hole we used to frequent. needless to say we were home by 11:30pm. the best part was sleeping in until 9:30am on saturday. i am convinced that the lazier one is, the more tired. not that i'm not tired when i'm active, but being lazy provides me the time to think about being tired! we finally got moving around 3pm and hit the beach for a while. my white pasty skin was pink and pasty within 1 hour! i now will make it a point to slowly work on my tan in the coming months. saturday night was spent with a few friends who do not have children watching the FSU game and just hanging out like old times. by the time sunday came, i was tired from being child free and lazy! i had a great 1st anniversary of my 30th birthday. my in laws prepared a great lunch and treated me to a carvel ice cream cake, which has got to be the best ice cream cake ever made. ever. and seeing my girl was the best present.

unfortunately i didn't really feel too much better from the cough of my lifetime. i still have the congestion and the red eyes and the wheezing lungs. of course, that didn't stop me from giving in to the social cigarette or 2. i did really well friday. by sunday i had 2 of my own. by today i had 4. i really need to get my priorities straight: breathe or not breathe. hmmmm..... i must say that the not smoking has made a dramatic difference in my ability to breathe and i will keep that in the front of my brain as motivation to just not do it. baby steps.

christian is on the job hunt. he is being incredibly responsible in making contacts and be proactive rather than enjoying the break. we certainly are not in a position for him to take a break and i soooo appreciate that he recognizes that fact. keep your fingers crossed that he'll be employed soon so we can still pay for daycare. the mortgage and daycare are the main priorities! everything else can be postponed, with the exception of internet and cable... oh and cell phones... and electric and, and, and, and.... you get the picture!!!

while the weekend with out the baby was nice, i must say that walking into my in-laws house on sunday and seeing my sweet little gooey baby was amazing. she was so excited to see us and she snuggled and smiled and showed us that the love we know exists is really rewarding. sometimes it's so easy to forget the unconditional love that a baby has for his/her parents. it does become conditional, but right now it's still unconditional. those are the moments i hope to never forget.

she'll be going back for the monthly visit in october!

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