Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

i look forward most to days off of work. with pay. days off work with pay and time with the ones i love most. so when a holiday weekend arrives i am thrilled to get the most out of it. we spent labor day weekend visiting friends and family and ended the holiday with a trip to the aquarium. i really enjoy getting out of the house and giving gabby a new view of the world. finding fun things to do that will entertain her and keep us from going insane is a learning process! when our friends invited us to the aquarium, for FREE, i had to jump on it! we had a great time and the gooey girl loved every second.
now we're at wednesday and i have been in bed all freakin day with a nasty cough. i was up all night coughing and finally took cough medicine that kicked my ass. i am so sensitive to medication, so i never take it, so when i do, i'm done. needless to say, i feel a little better, but look forward to feeling great!
we're watching the storms that continue to form out in the atlantic hoping that our ring of good luck doesn't end soon. i wouldn't want to have to deal with a potential hurricane with 2 dogs and a baby to care for. let's hope they stay away and we quickly get to the fall weather!
first post down and hopefully more to come.
here's to blogger!


Lauren said...

Look at'cha with the bloggity blog blog blog. I have to update my rollin' list with your site. Me likey.

gooeymom said...