Wednesday, September 17, 2008


so i'm at the grocery store today meandering my way through the isles in search of a few necessities to complete dinner. i come to the freezer section and see a perfectly fit women with her fairly young little boy propped up in the car seat affixed to the cart. he is quiet and sweet as she's examining the shelves. i am compelled to check out her tiny ass and slim body since she is clearly a new mom. hoping she doesn't notice, i slide by her and go about my shopping. later i find myself behind her doing the same thing again. i start to think that everyone in the store is watching. she approaches the checkout and i purposely enter the opposite line as to not cause her to file a restraining order. when the 90 year old women in front of me finally, after 3 attempts, enters her correct pin number for her debit card and exits the check out, it's my turn. the cute little number with the baby boy is now in the same stage of her check out process as i. the bagger asks how i'm doing. politely, i reply "i'm well, how are you?"
as i'm finishing my transaction, i hear "thank you for saying well. i am an english teacher and love to hear proper use of the word well"... i think- holy shit. she's talking to me, what do i do? we exchange a few words of how much we despise the misuse of our language. she said that i made her day.
she made mine. even though i almost left without my groceries.
i hope you are well. have a great night.