Wednesday, September 24, 2008

at least i'm enjoying the ride

as a real estate closer during the big real estate boom, i was witness to many deals that should have never occurred. i feel somewhat guilty. i had no involvement in the sale of the horrible loans that some of our society fell victim to, but a level of guilt still exists. watching our economy fail is frightening. watching president bush explain it all right now is frightening. the thought of my daughter's future is frightening. something needs to be done. i've always battled faith. having the utmost faith in any one thing isn't something i do well. having to have faith in our political system and the idea that they can correct their errors scares the shit out of me. i can't figure out why issues can't be prevented rather than the insane attempt to correct it once they've proven to fail. did our government officials, who we are supposed to trust, did they not see this coming? i saw it coming. i, however, unlike the officials that we, the people, vote for, i am not in a position to even remotely know how to stop or correct it. we are so far in a hole that digging out just seems ridiculous. i guess we just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. throw our hands in the air and scream as the roller coaster takes the long, fast drop. and eventually it will stop and we'll get off the ride and be able to breathe again.

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