Monday, September 8, 2008


walking pneumonia. freaking walking pneumonia. seriously? well.... that makes sense. i haven't smoked a full cigarette since last night- not even sure what time. i tried to smoke this morning and just simply couldn't. i wanted to so badly but my body just rejected it. i could barely breathe. to the point of calling the doctor. i finally called a doctor. i went in at 2:30pm and they think i have walking pneumonia. i have antibiotics and i have a new inhaler. i plan to breathe tonight! i quit smoking. i am a non smoker. (here me convincing myself?) i feel better already.
so i call work at 3:30 to let them know that i will come back to close up shop for the day if they want and they told me not to bother. i received a call not too long after and they said that someone would open for me tomorrow so i could get some sleep. then a few minutes later, they called back to tell me to stay home. when i pleaded that i feel ok, i just cough a lot, they reminded me they don't want to get sick. so... i'm home tomorrow. i did think about the germ spreading thing, but it didn't really concern me since i've been going to work every day for the last 4 months. i have had this sickness for at least 2 weeks if not longer and now that i have antibiotics i get to stay home?! but hey.... a day off work. i'll take it and not feel guilty. i won't even feel guilty with that cute little baby being at day care all day. she doesn't need to be around my flailing germs!
a day to myself?!! wowwowowowowowowowow! i'm not sure what i'll do.

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Aleash said...

I so freakin' love you. I hope you are on the amazing mend. XOXOXO