Thursday, September 4, 2008


mucinex is sooooo not my friend right now. i can't take meds. i never react well to any type of medication with the exception of tylonal. unless, of course, my goal has been to use drugs, that's a different post all together. one that may never make it here.
anyway... mucinex. so i go to work today. still sick. still coughing all over everything in front of me. of course every single person who comes in contact with me wants to give me their version of how i will miraculously get better. so... after much deliberation, i decided to try this magic pill called mucinex. i was told by about 4 people that i will feel no side effects and all it will do is losen the nasty mucus and help it dislodge from my lungs. well.... i really wasn't feeling too incredibly bad, but after the gooey baby went to sleep i decided to take the wonder drug and look forward to feeling great. much to my dismay, i feel worse. i currently am sitting in bed because if i lay down i will cough. i am sitting here with a tissue shoved up my nose so the mucus doesn't drip down my face like a teething baby. i am miserable and my cough is worse now than it was before.
so i have decided to give up the meds. i will make my body fight through whatever my ailment is and be strong. drugging the problem is not the answer. say no to drugs.

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