Friday, October 17, 2008

my myspace blog

i opened up a can of worms on my myspace this evening. i'm hoping i get replies.... you can view it HERE.
if you can't get to myspace or, better yet, won't.... you may post comments here in response. copy of that blog is below.


Voting is crucial in our society. November 4th we are all asked to please cast our vote to elect the next president of the united states. the 1 person we believe will do what is best for we, the people.

Who do you support and why?

If undecided, what exactly are you unsure about?

What issues we currently face are most important to you and why do you believe your candidate of choice will see it through?

This is simply a discussion. I am interested in what my peers are thinking. I want to know what our generation feels and most of you i have known for so many years and your opinions matter to me.

Indulge me!
have fun and be as nice as you can be.

and remember.... VOTE ANYWAY!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

email from my husband

while working on tuesday, i received the following email and photos from my husband.

"Sleeping dogs lie...

Then Nike caught wind of an intruder and the mêlée began....but after
like 10 minutes of this little guy scoping out our TV and stereo and
such...he cased the whole joint and is bringing his intelligence back
to the squirell army... Better keep the doors looked other wise we're
gonna see our HDTV high up in the oak tree with the squirell army
huddled around Funniest Home Videos watching that water skiing
squirell over and over and over in Dolby 5.1 surround sound while
sending emails on our lap top.....

Be even better if I knew how to spell squirell!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

vista print

i finally picked up the invitations today to send out for gabby's FIRST BIRTHDAY party! woo hoo! it's gonna be fun. we haven't thrown a party in a while. and this is by no means going to be a "party" like we've thrown before. but i'm excited. thanks to vista print, everyone who comes will get a cute little party favor to take home.
vista print was introduced to me last christmas season when i was shopping for the cute photo cards. since i had a new baby, i had to become a part of the photo card club. now that i am, i love it! it's so easy to send cards to people with the photo card.
anyway.... if you so choose to use vista print, let me just warn you of what happens after you place the order...
i am usually not a sucker for internet marketing and the never ending scams that exist. i'm pretty good about not clicking everywhere and not getting suckered into buying something i really care nothing about. so, i shocked myself when i decided after my order was placed to partake in their survey that will allow me to get a $10 cash back reward. just for doing their survey. sounded like an easy thing. i finished the survey and hit next. another page loaded with a bunch of crap about a service that costs $14.95/mo and so i clicked skip. i did this routine for about 5 pages when i realized that the survey i did back 5 pages ago probably was a scam. lo and behold it was. but it's free for the first 30 days! for some service. i don't even know what the service is. so if i cancel, i get nothing. but i'm not charged, either. i now have to call some 800 number that probably takes me to someone in india to cancel this mystery service that i don't need.
the moral here is to not do it! read, read, and read again before submitting something on the interent. but, vista print still has good offers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


i completely expected palin to totally embarrass herself and mccain and all of their supporters. i am pleasantly surprised by her poise and ability to hold her own. i may not 100% like everything she had to say, but i am pleased that she has carried herself so well. the very little i've seen of her has been a disgrace. thank you, sarah, for studying this time!
tonight is also my first time seeing biden. i question why the vp's running always seem to impress me more than the president during the campaigns. i haven't enjoyed watching mccain or obama speak and their debate didn't hold my interest and i am still UNDECIDED! yes... i admit it... on the internet... for my friends and family to read. UNDECIDED! sad, i know.

i stumbled upon this while flipping around the television today. OH MY GOD! what a freakin mess this is. i am in amazement that it even exists!

we really are in desperate times, aren't we? it must be so difficult. life. like, wow.