Saturday, October 4, 2008

vista print

i finally picked up the invitations today to send out for gabby's FIRST BIRTHDAY party! woo hoo! it's gonna be fun. we haven't thrown a party in a while. and this is by no means going to be a "party" like we've thrown before. but i'm excited. thanks to vista print, everyone who comes will get a cute little party favor to take home.
vista print was introduced to me last christmas season when i was shopping for the cute photo cards. since i had a new baby, i had to become a part of the photo card club. now that i am, i love it! it's so easy to send cards to people with the photo card.
anyway.... if you so choose to use vista print, let me just warn you of what happens after you place the order...
i am usually not a sucker for internet marketing and the never ending scams that exist. i'm pretty good about not clicking everywhere and not getting suckered into buying something i really care nothing about. so, i shocked myself when i decided after my order was placed to partake in their survey that will allow me to get a $10 cash back reward. just for doing their survey. sounded like an easy thing. i finished the survey and hit next. another page loaded with a bunch of crap about a service that costs $14.95/mo and so i clicked skip. i did this routine for about 5 pages when i realized that the survey i did back 5 pages ago probably was a scam. lo and behold it was. but it's free for the first 30 days! for some service. i don't even know what the service is. so if i cancel, i get nothing. but i'm not charged, either. i now have to call some 800 number that probably takes me to someone in india to cancel this mystery service that i don't need.
the moral here is to not do it! read, read, and read again before submitting something on the interent. but, vista print still has good offers.

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Lauren said...

There you go again, haphazardly clickin' on stuff. I thought you learned your lesson that night in Prague. Tsk, tsk.