Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i haven't really encountered the urge to post here lately...
not much is really new. christian found some work through a friend for a few days last week. gabby and i spent the weekend together while he worked saturday. he then he drove to pick up our new (to us) furniture on sunday. he spent over 6 hours in the car to do this. my dad moved and left a couch and love seat behind in the trek. since that house is now under contract for sale, we had an open invitation to have it. so- since we were lacking seating space, i begged and begged him to go get it for us! the first night with it in the house, we both fell asleep on our respective couches. it was nice.
the excitement of finding new daycare is underway. we interviewed 1 person today and will hit 2 more in the coming days. i'm hoping we'll have made our decision by next week so we can stop the hunt. unfortunately, we can't go with the girl from today. it sucks because i really liked her. the challenge is that she is friends with our 1st daycare lady who screwed us the first week on my new job. you can read about that here. they apparently get together with the kids on play dates and have a strong relationship. we are so disinterested in laura being a part of gabby's life that we can't hire this girl.
i'm also working out the plans for gabby's 1st birthday. not quite sure what this will entail, but i'm trying to keep it simple. gabby and i went to her friend sarah's birthday party on saturday. it was nice. kind of funny that gabby and sarah were the only children! they had fun together. gabby is getting to be such a big girl and is less dependent on me. she is able to play independently more often and will allow other people to hold her even with me in the room! i love that freedom! i was excited to go to the party so close to gabby's because i could learn by watching!
i'm doing well keeping my head out of the news and i'm trying to not get too aggravated over the economy and the elections. keeping my opinion out of here is probably a good idea, but it's difficult to not. i just have to say that this is not the low. we have not hit rock bottom yet. that's scary.
all we can do is enjoy what we do have and try to cut back on as much as possible. panicking is not an option. this too shall pass.
anyway- for those of you who are interested, that's the latest and greatest from my world.

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