Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy babies make happy mommies and daddies

so a typical day after picking gabby up from daycare consists of her whining the entire drive home (with daddy behind the wheel trying ever so gracefully to keep her smiley) and arriving home hungry. daddy will entertain her and start feeding her until i get home to take over the taming of the gooey baby. today was an abnormal day. i was home from work early, which is always great, sick or not, so i picked her up. she sang songs the entire way home! she was happy! woo hoo! after we came in the house, she played chase the dog in her walker and was laughing from deep within. those deep belly adorable laughs that you see only on you tube and america's funniest home videos. she remained happy until i tried to feed her and she insisted to play instead. play, play, play.
happy babies make happy mommy and daddy!

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