Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i really am a moron

i was in bed until 11am today. my day consisted of laying on the couch watching tv, doing laundry, sweeping the floors and mopping. i felt awful when 4:30 rolled around and i had to go get goo from daycare. my head was throbbing, etc. you'd think that when provided with a sick day that i'd just take the sick day. my house was a disaster. i had to do it! i am feeling better than i had been. i think the non smoking combined with the z-pack and lots of rest is doing the trick. if only christian would do the same. then maybe our weekend of no baby will be enjoyable!
my coworkers have again advised that i take a day off tomorrow. 1 more day they said. i said i would prefer to be at work. unless they are telling me i can't come in tomorrow, i would be there at 8:30am. am i retarded? the boss says to stay home and i fight it to go in?!! retarded.
i've linked to this blog from myspace. i imagine that i will get little traffic from that link, but i never update myspace or even facebook, so i guess if i have them come here then i don't have to feel the need to update those sites. if people want to know, they'll read. so- hi to my friendly community website people. thanks for stopping by.

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Aleash said...

Yes you are being "re-tarded!" Please do everyone a favor and stay home. Take care of you, please. If I was there, I'd make you. Tomorrow at 4.30pm, you'd appreciate it.