Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4th folder 4th picture

I have this horrible habit of creating blogs and doing absolutely nothing with them.... So... Thanks to Amber, I am here. You'll see the purpose of the title shortly.
Since I blogged last, i'm sure a shit load of stuff has gone on, but i am not about to try to sort through it all to write about it here.
i will tell you that i am just now getting better after a nasty bout of stomach flu. Sunday night around 5pm i was folding laundry when all of a sudden i became ridiculously nauseated. i had to lay down. the feeling didn't stop. i made multiple disgusting trips to the bathroom for the condition to just get worse. from 5pm until about 2am my body was ridding itself from everything it had stored. and when i say everything, i mean everything. the part that sucks worse than that is that christian fell ill with the same flu around 1am. that means that both parents of the 15 month old are useless to her once she awakes. the weakness of the illness combined with the lack of sleep makes for 2 non existent parents. a wonderful friend of mine answered my desperate cry for help at 7:17am Monday morning and agreed to come pick gabby up after dropping her 2 year old off at school. 9am could not have come soon enough. once she swooped gabby away for the best play date ever, christian and i slept all day.
now that i'm getting back to reality, i am reflecting on this experience and realizing that we need a mom in town. yesterday was one of those days that we just needed mom. so, i've decided that one of our moms needs to move to florida. pronto!
now we get to that title....

The 4th Folder - The 4th Picture
I've been tagged by Amber!
(unless that was another carrie??)

Here are the rules:
1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3) Explain the picture.
4) Tag 4 people to do the same.

this could have made for a really interesting blog if my folders weren't so date oriented and boring! this is a photo of our oldest dog, nike, taking in the florida sun in his favorite place to be: the dirt! we had been transforming our back yard when this photo was taken (march 2006) and had no grass, no plants, no beauty what so ever. but nike was in heaven!

Now, I tag Lauren and Alicia. You're the only 3 non famous bloggers i follow! i gotta say that dooce probably won't do it just because i say so!
love you guys!

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Lauren said...

Look at you, all changing your format and whatnot. Don't forget to CHANGE YOUR CONTENT!!!